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About Us

About Us

Resla Konsult offers reliable expertise in all aspects of HR and People Development on a flexible contracted or ad hoc basis. Our experts transform the HR Functions & End-to-End recruitment.html functions with a future-focused, considered approach. We will provide the Organizations with In-depth, Bespoke solutions, based on the organization’s business needs, values and priorities.

We partner with Organizations to develop, strengthen, augment, or manage their Human Resources function. We give the benefits of having experienced HR professionals dedicated to supporting some or all of the organization’s HR needs, without adding headcount.

We provide tailored affordable Executive Search & Talent Acquisition solutions to suit our clients and candidates. We deliver trusted professional service, guarantee to add value and reduce unnecessary cost & time delay savings to the Organization’s recruiting needs.


To provide quality HR services to attract, develop, motivate and retain a diverse workforce for our clients through knowledge, people and customer service.


To become globally leading HR & recruitment.html Consultancy delivering integrated and sustainable solutions, shaping the future.

Core Values

Our values define who we are, what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves when dealing with clients. Together, our values and principles guide and encourage us to achieve lasting success for our clients and our firm.

  • Solutions Driven – Go Beyond solutions that work. Discover & Deliver solutions that delight

  • Integrity – Consistent Ethical and Moral standards are paramount in our words, deeds and actions.

  • Adaptable – Open to change & new ideas, challenging the status quo whilst continuing to learn & improve our business & ourselves.

  • Communication – We believe in open communication; we actively listen and value other people’s views and opinions.

  • Leadership – We lead by example and advocate equitable treatment in our behaviors, policies and practices

  • Collaborative – Playing for each other and our customers.

Our Approach

We evaluate existing HR process by detailed HR Audit, then find, asses and bridge the gaps. We additionally have the expertise to plan arrangements and assist/guide the members of the organization to execute the implemented HR processes, track improvement and measure achievement of models. Our techniques, tools deployed, business comprehension, and proposals depend on top notch and globally recognized best practices.

Despite where you are with your development plans, regardless of whether you're simply beginning to consider the big picture or amidst the cycle, we can give industry-driving global HR consultancy services. Find out our expertise areas in more detail and reach out today to discover how we can assist you to go global.

Our team is here to support our clients with the Resources they need for effective HR Management. For any questions, queries or to set up a meeting with our consultants call +971 56 2748200 or send us your details now, we would love to have you on board with us.